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For love of evelyn 

A blog on grief, trauma, and the life-changing journey of child loss. 

for love of evelyn


Our Story

UPDATE: After nearly a year, I was finally able to put our story of the loss of our beloved and beautiful daughter, Evelyn, into words. It is too long to post here. You can read our story by clicking here to go to the full blog post.

This is where I'm supposed to tell you the story of this site, of how it came to be, the story of our daughter, our family, our love and pain, our heart, our nightmare.

Only, I can't bring myself to tell that story yet. I can't stomach the telling of it, anything that makes it more real. 

Someday, I will tell our story here. For now, let me say this. Our beloved Evelyn, light of our life, joy of our hearts, a family treasure if ever there was one, shared our world for eighteen amazing years only to leave it unexpectedly in August of 2017. 

In an instant, everything we knew, everything we loved, was shattered. Now, we are left to pick up the pieces, to rebuild if that is even possible, with compromised hearts and shell-shocked souls.

To do that, we need her to live somewhere. And so, this is her home now. The place we can come to see her, hear her, write about her, and continue to share her with the world. 

It is a pitiful consolation prize and a terrible imitation of the original. I'm sorry I can't give you the real thing. I have no words for how deeply regretful I am. I can only show you her pictures and her videos, let you read her words as she wrote them, and describe the gaping hole she left behind in hopes it may flesh her out for you a bit.

Her presence was powerful, beautiful, joyful. Her absence is ever more powerful and ever more sorrowful. May you gain something, anything, from these pages, in hopes that she is forever valuable. 

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